Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kids Rule Parents Drool

Spent the weekend in Dallas, doing our monthly work that we do up there. Fun, I guess. Good to see the family and play some poker.

I was reflecting on parenthood these past few days. Now that Bailey is in first grade, we have more restrictions on our schedule. Necole and I are free spirits, so it's been an adjustment. Bailey has close to an hour of homework per night.

Of course, school is never enough, parents have to try and keep up with other parents, so their little one "don't fall behind." How lame is that? Of course we are looking at outside school activities; like cheer-leading, soccer(gag), tennis, and gymnastics. Plus, every freaking Saturday is another b-day party to attend. So far we have gotten 4 invites in six weeks, enough already! It kinda sucks, I want my kids to be involved, I know that their is value in these activities. But sometimes I wonder how healthy it is for the whole family structure? Maybe mom's and dad's should spend more time together, that way they can still be married when their kids grow up, go to college, get married and have their own little ones.

Kids rule the roost, I love it, and I hate it. Parents can easily lose their soul to work and kids activities. As for me, I refuse to be one of those parents who live their life for their kids. If you know me, you know I love my girls more then anything, I would literally kill someone if I had to in order to protect them. I'm pretty much a pacifist...But, you got draw the line somewhere.

In the meantime, if you don't have kids, go make a baby :)


Renee said...

Understand your pain, and Corey and I really aren't "free spirits". We've been busy since Erin has started school. The good news is that Corey's parents have our kids every other weekend. Thank God for family.

Debbie said...

Chris, I find your comments amusing. Sometimes. Of course we live our lives for our kids in the beginning. Then, whether we like it or not, realize it or not, we live our lives before our kids. Which is the scarey part. I raised two boys...but I was so caught up in "serving" the church I neglected my first calling as a stay at home mom...my kids. And the church I was with didn't help much because I was "available".
Stupid me. I think you can limit your kids activities and they will still turn out pretty decent people, especially if they know you are their cheerleaders. I regret not being there as my sons
cheerleader...too busy with my PR work promoting my pastor and his
church. I don't know what my point is here...just musing my own musings, I guess. Since I'm from Indiana, I can say we went to bed before the ND game was over thinking they were sunk...only to find out the next day they pulled it off. Twas a good weekend for
the Colts and the Irish. Makes me want to raise my wine cooler with
the heathen just to celebrate the victory on the football field. Ah, if only I had that kind of passion and enthusiasm for Christ.
Oh well...such is life in America.