Thursday, June 29, 2006

Good News

Good news, we are in The Jefferson Center. I'm so pumped. We (by faith) move in next week. So, I'm really looking forward to having my own place. I've added some pics.

It's a Grind

I've become a blog-slacker as of late. Just not enough time. Right now I'm hanging at a cafe called "It's a grind." Pretty cool place. I think I hung out with Ashy in the OC at one of these cafe's?

Anyhow, I opened my email this morning to find 12 companies that want to interview me for sales and managers positions. I mean that is cool and all...Now, I just have to figure out if I want to stay focused on real estate, or look for a full time gig. The big deal however is the kids, we would have no one to pick them up from school and all. Ah, the life of a parent, always fun.

I just dropped of an application to an apt. It's the coolest apartment I've ever seen. $850 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath 1300 sq ft place. Totally modern, this place is better and cheaper then the place Necole was going to work at in Bellevue.

Say a prayer that we get it, it's always tough getting into place when you are self-employed and commission based.

We shall see...Now, its back to the grind.

BTW-I missed Holly & Ryan's house show last night in N. Dallas. So BITTER!

Peace & Love

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Post Austin

Austin was fun...Necole got a job...It could be the perfect job. Really good pay potential, and a flexible schedule.

She starts Tuesday. So that means we must find housing and quick.

We hung out on the famed 6th St yesterday. Very cool place. I would describe it as eclectic, independent and funky...Lot's of restaurants, wine bars, art galleries and plenty of shopping and lots of music venues.

Austin is like the place to be for music, it's the Seattle of the 90's sorta speak. Not sure how that happened, but I guess it did.

It's hard to describe the draw of Austin. In many ways it's the perfect city, smaller than Seattle, bigger than Raleigh. Plus the cost of living is so cheap. We can buy a great home for like $150,000, and still be 15 minutes to downtown.

We are so happy...Now, if we can get some paychecks rolling in. That would be NICE.

Also, Kevin & Jodie have been gracious hosts. It's funny how you don't see someone for like 4 years and when you re-connect it's like you've never been apart. The joys of community.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Necole and I are hanging in Austin for the next few days. We are hoping to get to know the city, where to live, work and of course play.

Tonight we will chill with K-Dub & Jodie, we are going to cook out and all. Should be fun.

Hoping to make some connections and all.

Necole has two job interviews so far. So, that is good.

Peace & Love from Austin, the self-proclaimed "live music capital of the world," & "the coolest city in America." Texans are bold people :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ready to move

Passed my class test today...So freaking lame.
Now I have to wait till all the paperwork comes back so I can take the state exam.

If the Mavs lose tonight that would really suck.

I'm ready to move to Austin, it's been to long since we've had our own place. I'm ready. Plus, I can't wait to explore Austin, build new friendships and see what God has in store. Although I got plenty of vision ready to be released.

Necole is looking for a job, please pray for her.

I also finished the Da Vinci Code. Good book...I will post some more thoughts later. But let me say this...I had no clue Jesus was married...They never taught me that in Bible College :)

Ok, kidding...Anyhow, Christians should learn how to relax. We've been around awhile and I doubt this 450 page book is going to alter the theological views of the world.

Maybe I should become a member of Opus Dei? Do they have an emerging Opus Dei?

Monday, June 19, 2006


Congrats to the Canes for winning the Stanley Cup...It seems like forever ago that Necole and I went to the season opener.

Mike Faas was at the game, how cool is that...Mike, show us some pics bro!

as the day goes on

So this morning I got up at 4:45AM. Not sure why life exists at that hour...But, I had to head across the metroplex to catch a review class for my real estate test. It was a little early (ok, like an hour...But who cares-Ken & J Ashdown stop laughing) so I made my way to Starbucks. Man, I would do freaking anything for Zoka, Ladro, Vita or Vivacci.(sp?) Anyhow, I got my coffee, watched the sun rise, jammed to Wahba & Ryan and read Simply Christian, which I hope to blog about soon.

Between the music (man those boys love God) and the book, I was feeling really good. I guess my Spirit felt feed, if you know what I mean.

Then of course I had to leave my bliss and head to class for 8 hours of review. A little over an hour into the review I was so freaking bored I was going to cry. My ADHD was in full gear. The instructor was lame, the 50 something chick to my left had a mixture of alcohol and perfume flowing throughout the room. I was getting ticked.

So in the middle of his lecture (or should I say note reading)I packed my bag and left. Folks were looking at me like I was nuts, but who cares, I did not want to waste my day listening to this cat talk crap and smell this chick next to me.

Now, I'm at White Rock Cafe. Enjoying some coffee, trying to study for this test. This will be the third test I've taken in less than one year. *sigh*

I'm not bitter, I promise.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I thought Dirk Nowitzki was suppose to be a top 5 player? Man, I've lost a ton or respect for this guy.

And how does D Wade go to the line 23 times in ONE game? Please!

Mavs down 1 point with 1:40 to go.

Update: Dirk missed a free throw-amazing.

Update: Why did Dallas not double D-Wade? I mean, one-on-one, c'mon.

Update: Two missed free (Howard) throws-Yikes

Update: Props to Dirk, what a shot.

Update: WOW!

NT Wright

NT Wright discussing one of the objective's to his latest book.

"This leads naturally into Part Three, where I describe what it looks like in practice to follow this Jesus, to be energized by this Spirit, and above all to advance the plan of this creator God. Worship (including sacramental worship) prayer, and scripture launch us into thinking about "the church," seen not as a building and not even so much as a institution, but as the company of all those who believe in the God we see in Jesus and who are struggling to follow him.

In particular, I explore the question of what the church is there for. The point of following Jesus isn't simply so that we can be sure of going to a better place than this after we die. Our future beyond death is enormously important, but the nature of the Christian hope is such that it plays back into the present life. We're called, here and now, to be instruments of God's new creation, the world-put-to-rights which has already been launched in Jesus and of which Jesus followers are supposed to be not simply beneficiaries but also agents."


I think the above quote is so refreshing. It gives me hope to follow and serve God.

Friday, June 16, 2006

new contact numbers

hey everyone,

necole and i switched our cell phone numbers AGAIN :)

so, here they are:

necole Cell: 512-619-7909

chris' Cell: 512-587-9948

hope all is well, we love and miss each of you.

peace & love and embrace the journey.

Fun Times With The Guys

Unfortunately the mavs lost...But, I still had fun hanging out with my buddies Corey & Antonio last night. It's been awhile, but we watched the game, drank some brew and yelled at the TV screen. Of course, Necole and Renee hung out and did whatever girls do (which is talk).

Anita joined the fray at the end...So, fun times for sure...We even hinted on the possibility of bringing back "guys night" on Tuesday, which usually consist of wings, beer, B-Ball and guy talk. Sounds fun.

I love these guys, I have not seen them in close to 4 years...But they are life-long friends.

Thanks for hanging guys.

Go Mavs, at least for this year...Hopefully, the Lakers will be back soon to compete? But, I guess that is doubtful :(

BTW-I'm in the middle of my first Texas thunder storm...Rock on!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Reunite Moses' Family!

My friend Steven is up to some more missional activity in Africa. Go to his
blog and read the entire story. Stuff like this breaks my heart. I for one will give.

Also, I can't imagine what it would be like to not be around my family because I was a pastor.

They need $640 to make this miracle happen. Please pray and more importantly please help.

Reunite Moses' Family!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

10 Years Today

I got married 10 years ago today. Nuts.

Being married for 10 years causes one to stop and pause and think. You look back and you see so many ups and downs.

Here is what I know. I'm more excited to be married today then I was 10 years ago.

Necole is an amazing wife, mother, friend and person.

Happy Anniversary honey. Can't wait for another 10 years.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bono In Africa

My buddy Ryan, who is agreat worship leader and a better person has some quality thoughts on Bono & Africa. I have to say, I totally agree with him.

We loved Austin

Needless to say, we LOVED Austin...RATS!

We were hoping that we would not like the city, but man, Austin is just great. The vibe is so cool. I guess I would describe Austin as a mix of Raleigh & Seattle. Two cities that we love.


It's affordable. It's got a lot of sunny weather. It's young. It's eclectic. It's not conservative. It's not evangelical. It's spiritual. 3rd places are really important. They need more churches. It's an outdoor city, lots of biking, hiking, rowing, rafting etc. It's 2 hours from the Ashdown's.


It's 3 hours away from family. It's hot. The Nussbaums will not be there. Hmm, I think that is it for now.

Well, Necole and I know that we would love the city. We could see ourselves there for 15 years. Thanks to K-Dub & Jodie for showing us around...K-Dub, We shall let you know soon if you sealed the deal :)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Necole and I are off to Austin this morning. The kids are staying with the family, so we are looking forward to being productive. I found out my buddy Kevin (aka K-dub) and his wife Jodie and their two kids now live in Austin. So that is cool. Also, one of my best child-hood friends is moving to Austin from Cali in a month or two.

We are hoping not to like Austin. It would be easier to live in the same city as our family. We found some really cool spots in Dallas. A lot more urban then I remember, so that is good.

Went to a church (not to be named) yesterday...It sucked. The worship sucked, the speaker sucked, I mean it just sucked. Yes, 3500 folks (mostly young & hip) attend this sucky church. Ok, now to be fair, the Lead Pastor was out of town. I think every time I go to a church, the Lead Pastor is gone, lame.

Ok, actually, the church does not suck, I just did not connect with it.

It's time, the mini van is fired up and ready for another road trip...That van rocks! Please Lord, I hope I do not like Austin :)

Peace & Love

Friday, June 09, 2006

A New Kind of Urban Christian

Great article, so important: A New Kind of Urban Christian-Tim Keller.

"It will not be enough for Christians to form a culture that runs counter to the values of the broader culture. Christians should be a community radically committed to the good of the city as a whole. We must move out to sacrificially serve the good of the whole human community, especially the poor. Revelation 21-22 makes it clear that the ultimate purpose of redemption is not to escape the material world, but to renew it. God's purpose is not only saving individuals, but also inaugurating a new world based on justice, peace, and love, not power, strife, and selfishness.

So Christians work for the peace, security, justice, and prosperity of their city and their neighbors, loving them in word and in deed, whether they believe what we do or not. In Jeremiah 29:7, Israel's exiles were called not just to live in the city, but also to love it and work for its shalom—its economic, social, and spiritual flourishing. The citizens of God's city are the best possible citizens of their earthly cities."


Another long day of re-connecting.

First, we headed to Pei Wie to hang with family...After a few hours with the family we headed out to Corey & Renee's to get some grub and watch the Mavs game. It was great to catch up on life, to hear stories of the previous 4 years, and discuss the hopes of the future.

Good times for sure, and this 100 degree Texas heat has not been getting me down...I wonder if that is the supernatural intervention of God? Just kidding!

We are hoping to make it to Austin tomorrow to hang out with some friends. At this point we are leaning more towards Dallas, but man I know I'm going to love Austin.

Rats, decisions, decision, decisions.

Peace & Love and remember to enjoy the journey...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Very Random Thoughts On Church Planting

Peace, that is finally what Necole and I feel. After 6 months of wondering and hoping and changing...We now feel hope. And that feels good.

Now, we are debating between Dallas & Austin. Oh where shall we live? Simplicity draws us to Dallas. However, Austin is suppose to be such a great city, it may be to hard to pass up.

Of course, we also have to consider the church planting effect. I would really love to start another church. But, I was wondering what path to take?

I think my dream church would be to start as a small group bible study and see it grow into a huge movement of God. I would also like to have no start up cash. Another words, I would love for it to be organic, not in a house church way, but just in a "beginning of a movement" sort of way.

Also, I would love for us to be a church that puts a lot of cash back into the community...Maybe doing some sort of "acts of kindness" way. Helping the poor, the widows, and all sorts of cool things that I think mean so much to God, but maybe so little to many in the church planting world.

I think I know that I'm not really that motivated to be "all about Sunday's" type of church planter. Honestly, I hate when pastors say their church is all about Sundays. I cringe at that thought. I know they really don't mean that, right?

Anyhow, this post was not suppose to be about church planting...But, for some reason I'm cursed with this passion. God help my poor family.

Peace & Love

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

You have new Picture Mail!
Originally uploaded by Ancientwalk.
Who would have thought?

random thoughts

thank God for a double shot red eye...

bailey just told me that she is so happy to be in Texas, she is going to cry.

two hours till we land in dallas, I need some aspirin, the girls are screaming with joy..

they keep calling everyone, making sure that they are coming to see them...

the road

made it just past denver, one more long day...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Road

We made it to beautiful Montana...Where are the people?
Tomorrow we will shoot for Denver.
Then Dallas the next day.
BTW-I've had a enough cross-county trips :)
Also, it 97 in Dallas-YIKES

Peace & Love

Friday, June 02, 2006

Breaking News & Yes It's True

I was talking to a friend today, he gently reminded me that our (The Marlow family) lives are somewhat like the Israelites: We keep wondering around looking for a place to call home. Hoping and praying for stability and all.

So we are off again, yes you heard that right. Long story short, Necole's parents did not get the job in Oregon. Instead, they got one in Dallas, TX. At first, we were really mad, but then we started to see how God was working. See, most of our family is in Dallas; both sets of Necole's parents and siblings are there. So, we have grandpa's and grandma's, uncle's, aunt's, cousin's and friends. Really good friends too.

So it became obvious that we should head back to Texas. We moved to Seattle to be close to family, and we have great friends who have family here so it was a win-win. Now, if we stayed here in Seattle, we would have a ton of family 2200 miles away who would hardly ever get to see us and the kids.

But, we do have another issue: And that is Ken, Brenda and Tre live here in Seattle. It's so sad to think that we will not see these guys on a weekly basis, like we've been used to. Sometimes I wish life did not have to be so tough. Not sure I can express in words how we feel about not being close to them.

Also, we have met so many cool folks in Seattle. The rest of the Nussbaum family is so amazing. I hope that somehow I can take a little of what they've got and sprinkle it on my family. And maybe someday we can see better fruit and more health.

Jason & Katie, Jon & Sherry, Dean & George, man these folks are so cool, and they have really shown Necole and I what it means to be a Christ followers; they have loved us, listened to us and shared our journey. Thanks guys. Even though our time was short, it was sweet.

Looks like we will pull out on Sunday morning. We hope to hang in Dallas for a time and check out Austin. Not sure what city we will reside in, but at this point we are leaning towards Austin. But Dallas has many perks too. If we live in Austin we will be about 2.5 to 3 hours away. Which is cool and all. Kind of what we want. Great city, but close to family and friends. We shall see...Say a prayer for us.

And hopefully we shall find a home? :)

Peace & Love

I have three invites to If you want one please let me know.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beauty & Art

Some really good art by a really good artist & friend.

Click here NOW

Peace & Love