Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ready to move

Passed my class test today...So freaking lame.
Now I have to wait till all the paperwork comes back so I can take the state exam.

If the Mavs lose tonight that would really suck.

I'm ready to move to Austin, it's been to long since we've had our own place. I'm ready. Plus, I can't wait to explore Austin, build new friendships and see what God has in store. Although I got plenty of vision ready to be released.

Necole is looking for a job, please pray for her.

I also finished the Da Vinci Code. Good book...I will post some more thoughts later. But let me say this...I had no clue Jesus was married...They never taught me that in Bible College :)

Ok, kidding...Anyhow, Christians should learn how to relax. We've been around awhile and I doubt this 450 page book is going to alter the theological views of the world.

Maybe I should become a member of Opus Dei? Do they have an emerging Opus Dei?

1 comment:

amanda said...

so opus dei = hitting oneself;
hitting oneself = painful;
pain = not chris marlow's style.

i'd recommend steering clear of any developing opus dei clans.