Friday, June 16, 2006

Fun Times With The Guys

Unfortunately the mavs lost...But, I still had fun hanging out with my buddies Corey & Antonio last night. It's been awhile, but we watched the game, drank some brew and yelled at the TV screen. Of course, Necole and Renee hung out and did whatever girls do (which is talk).

Anita joined the fray at the end...So, fun times for sure...We even hinted on the possibility of bringing back "guys night" on Tuesday, which usually consist of wings, beer, B-Ball and guy talk. Sounds fun.

I love these guys, I have not seen them in close to 4 years...But they are life-long friends.

Thanks for hanging guys.

Go Mavs, at least for this year...Hopefully, the Lakers will be back soon to compete? But, I guess that is doubtful :(

BTW-I'm in the middle of my first Texas thunder storm...Rock on!

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ForHisRenown said...

i am so jealous. that's one of the many things i'm looking forward to (thunderstorms, not "guys night" ;-).