Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We loved Austin

Needless to say, we LOVED Austin...RATS!

We were hoping that we would not like the city, but man, Austin is just great. The vibe is so cool. I guess I would describe Austin as a mix of Raleigh & Seattle. Two cities that we love.


It's affordable. It's got a lot of sunny weather. It's young. It's eclectic. It's not conservative. It's not evangelical. It's spiritual. 3rd places are really important. They need more churches. It's an outdoor city, lots of biking, hiking, rowing, rafting etc. It's 2 hours from the Ashdown's.


It's 3 hours away from family. It's hot. The Nussbaums will not be there. Hmm, I think that is it for now.

Well, Necole and I know that we would love the city. We could see ourselves there for 15 years. Thanks to K-Dub & Jodie for showing us around...K-Dub, We shall let you know soon if you sealed the deal :)

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ForHisRenown said...


you can add one more pro to your list. i may be moving down there sooner than i originally thought. ;-)