Monday, July 31, 2006

10 Days & Counting

Well well well, we have 10 days till we move to Austin. We are so pumped. For a moment, we thought we might stay in Dallas. But, to be quite frank, we just did not feel peaceful about the DFW area. While we will miss family and friends, we know we are doing the right thing, which is to follow our hearts to a city that we love and want to do life in.

We just spent the weekend in Austin, and we love the city, the vibe and the potential. It's fresh, funky & smaller. Austin was just ranked the 2nd best big city to live in by Money Mag. The economy is doing really well and the housing market is exploding. It's also one of the cheapest big cities to live in with the median home price close to $170, 000. To some extent, Seattle ruined us. We love the creativity of Seattle and we desperately missed it while in the DFW area.

Also, I'm truly amazed that our destination will be Austin. It may be the best city for us; it's outdoorsy, cheap(er), sunny (300 days a year...Rock on), the energy is high and the culture is laid back. The business climate is young and hip. Also, the spiritual climate is very open-minded. From what I understand, Austin leans more left than right if you know what I mean. :) So, it will be fun to engage culture with the gospel and see the amazing grace of God unfold.

Now if we could just get some of our friends to move (Corey & Renee) and, of course, our family.

While in Austin, we went to the Lake and through the rolling hills/canyons. Our kids were like, "hey mom and dad, is this Seattle?" I guess when they think of water they think of Seattle; who can blame them.

We got the apartment that I blogged about a while back. We enrolled Bailey in school, and now we are looking for jobs and daycare for Kenzie.

So please pray for us, like I said; Necole is looking for a job, I'm taking my real estate test in the next few weeks, we have to find a good and affordable daycare for Kenzie, and we will be looking for a home to church to connect and serve.

New numbers are below, we will be emailing our new address soon:

Chris (512) 733-4109
Necole (512) 733-4116

Peace & Love and let the thrill ride begin!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Rick Warren is Blogging.

Rick Warren is now blogging. I have nothing but respect for this guy. Of course two years ago I would not have said that. I was not a big fan of the purpose driven life phenomenon. But I was wrong, God has used that book and Rick Warren in so many ways and on a global scale. I love the fact that Rick has taken his wealth and fame to help those in poverty.

HT:Andrew Jones

Also, I found it very interesting to hear that Andy Stanley was hanging out at the Atlanta Emergent Cohort. How cool is that? It's not about being right or wrong, macro or micro...But missional. So many ways to express the beauty of God.

HT: Pomomusings.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

iPod is FULL

I just wanted to let all my good music friends know that after owning my 15 gig iPod for three years I finally filled it up this morning. I downloaded 9 sermons and that did me in.

So, it looks like I should have gotten that 20 gig iPod, crap! :) :) :)

Peace & Love

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some Middle East Thoughts

My friend Kezia sent me this link today. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to discuss the Middle East crisis with many Christians. I tend to get two pat answers. 1. Israel is God's chosen people so whatever they are doing must be right. 2. Kill those terrorist who are evil and ungodly and don't deserve to live.
I got in a heated debate with a fellow Christian at a cafe. The dude basically told this teenager, from Europe, that American is God's chosen country, we are called to take them out and help Iraq become like America. I was an innocent bystander and I overheard the conversation. I spoke up (who would have thought) and asked this youth pastor what he (yp) thought about love; and did he forget that mercy is better then judgment? I also asked him if he thought that the Iraqis were our enemies? He said yes. I then asked him how we should deal with the issue at hand (war, Iraq, etc.)? He replied with, "well we need to take them out." My response was simple, "what about loving our enemy?" Is God not a God of love, mercy and grace? Did he not come to heal our world and bring peace? Are we not called to be "seekers of peace?"

The dude quickly backpedal, and said yes...BUT! Of course their is always a BUT, right? I looked at the teenager and I told him that God is love, and that God loves Israel, Iraq, Lebanon and America the same. God does not show favoritism. The teenager replied back with a quick response. He said that made sense to him, that God could love everyone.

At this point, the fundamental youth pastor dude quickly jumped out of his seat, shook my hand and left the cafe. The teenager said "thanks" and he left. And I sat there amazed at the fact that so many folks in my tribe really think that America & Israel has all the answers and somehow we are better than the rest of the world; Which is totally not true. But it is what it is, and to be quite frank, I do not know what to do about that. And I do not like the fact that we cover the story of Christ with a bunch of junk that does not reflect who (I think) Christ is, and who (I think) Christ wants us to be. Anyhow, check out the article, maybe you won't agree with is all, but at least it's an alternative viewpoint that could cause more of a balanced conversation to take place.

Peace & Love

'Who Is My Neighbor' in the Lebanon-Israel Conflict:

"Through the responses that I received, it became clear to me that there are many misunderstandings about certain realities in the Middle East. The first has to do with the use of the term 'terrorist.' The term has been so grossly misused for political rhetoric in the past few years that only those who are willing to question deeply-rooted conventions will be able to hear me. 'Terrorist' cannot;should not;be used as a noun or in the substantive. It can only be an adjective to describe an act. The fact is that the 'terrorists' of one group are the 'heroes' of another. "

BTW-By no means am I saying that these terrorist groups are doing the right thing. Nor am I rooting or totally agreeing with either side. I just think violence sucks and the church needs to make a stand for peace!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Are Invited

The writings of Dallas Willard have had a huge impact on my thinking and spirituality. So needless to say I was stoked when I learned (somehow I had no clue this book was coming out) that Willard had just released a new book called: The Great Omission: Reclaiming Jesus' Essential Teachings on Discipleship.

With all that being said, John Chandler has decided to start a book study via a blog.

So, here is were you come in...You can follow the conversation and add your .02 in the comments. Or you can be a contributor to help get the conversation rolling.

Now, I can tell you that some real cool cats are participating, so I'm sure this is going to be a great study that will enhance the "book" experience and cause some major discussion to take place.

To learn more please go here. The study starts soon, so don't delay. If you are "in," please leave a comment and let us know...If you want to be a contributor let me know and I can forward your info to John. (or just let John know) Peace & Love, and don't miss this!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Spidy 3

BTW-I also saw the previews of Spiderman 3. It looks so cool. Why do we have to wait till next summer? Also, Spiderman looks so much cooler then Superman.

Peace & Love


Yes, Necole turned 30 today...Last night we had a family get together and played a little poker.

Today, we awoke early (thanks to Bailey) and I made some french toast. Then we headed out to see Superman. But, we were told that this Superman showing has close captions. Of course, they told us we could barley see the words and it should not bother us-Wrong!

So we jumped ship and caught Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I thought the movie was ok. It seemed a little slow to start, and way drawn out at the end (or no end).

Now we are back at home for a bit and they we are headed to dinner with the family.

I think Necole is adjusting. 30th b-day is hard, your still young, but you are also old. Major transition for sure.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crazy Life

Life been a little crazy...Necole and I took a step of faith today and rented some apts...They are nice. Good value and all...But, please say a prayer as we still need to come up with the fund to move in.

Also, pray for Necole, she is doing the job hunting thing. Which can be discouraging. We are at the end of our emotional rope. Bailey starts school soon, and we have to find daycare for Kenzie. So, lot's of decisions coming are way.

Also, Necole turns 30 this Monday. So be sure to give her a call, shoot her an email and all that good stuff.

We hope to celebrate soon. I'll let you know.

Peace & Love from Dallas, were it's like 106 *sigh*

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Family Musings

Bailey: "Dad, can I get a rabbit?"
Dad: Um, well..."Who is going to clean up the poop?"
Bailey: Eyes roll, "Well, that is gross...Can we get an animal that does not poop."
Dad: Well, "all animals poop."
Bailey: "I got an idea, you (dad) can pick up the poop."
Dad: "What about a cat, they have litter boxes?"

10 minutes later

Kenzie: "Dad I want a little sister, can we get one?"
Dad: "Why do you want a little sister, what about a brother?"
Kenzie: "Well, I want more girls, so we can beat dad up."
Dad: Um, well then..No on the little sister request, that would mean three wedding and of course my early funeral."

Ok, now I'm off the to coffee shop...Being a dad rocks, even if they want me to clean up the poop and beat me up!

Peace & Love

Monday, July 17, 2006

This is the guy I follow

Most folks I know get a little frustrated with many in the evangelical world. (which includes me)

I have my reasons, for instance: I was in a conversation about tattoos. Necole wants to get one and another person overheard me say that Necole wanted one. (tattoo)

So, like most opinionated right wingers this person spoke up . This person pretty much said that God hates tattoos and that she was pretty sure somewhere in the bible it says tattoos are wrong. My first reactions was....%$%$@@@!!@##%%#. Ok, so I should not repeat it!

Anyhow, why do people try to use the bible to justify things they don't like?

And how do people read the story of Jesus and not see him as a rebel. Someone who broke rules and pissed of the religious institution of his day?

I'm so attracted to Jesus, but I'm so turned off by the right-wing ethos that tends to dominate and control the story of Jesus and the gospel.

I personally think this weakens the church, and causes us Christ-followers to focus on issues that are not prominent to God.

Anyhow, I read the scripture below...And I was reminded of the beauty of Jesus and why I'm willing to learn from His teachings and willing to lay (or at least try) my life down for His cause.

I personally think if Jesus was walking the earth today, we would find him at the local pub or cafe, hanging out with people and loving them. He would be teaching them a new way to live and telling them "truths" that would sting and hurt, and cause them to re-think how they live life and how life works. That is how, I feel, Jesus would love our world.

I think Jesus would be happy to sip a fat tire, laugh, smile, hug, love, teach, and be-friend. But, he would also challenge us. He would never be satisfied or allow us to stay the same; to stop learning, growing and being. I'm sure when he was done with his beverage, he would look us in the eye and say go. Go love, go hug, go pray, go read scripture, go to work and work your hardest, go and serve your enemy and love your neighbor, go and help change the world. And, I bet he would also leave a good tip.?

Peace & Love...Sorry...I have not ranted in a while.

Matthew 11:19
19The Son of Man came, eating and drinking, and people say; Look at him! He eats too much and drinks too much wine, and he is a friend of tax collectors and sinner's.; But wisdom is proved to be right by what it does."

I got another round of invites (3) for If you want one please leave a comment with your email address.

Peace & Love

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Conflict, War and Jesus

I hate war, I'm tired of war, and I'm tired of Christians thinking war is ok and the way to go, and all that OT stuff that they use to justify war, is lame. I do not have the answers, and I'm not even saying war is ALWAYS wrong. But, firing missiles into neighborhoods where normal families live, is plain nuts. In the last few days, I've been really saddened by the conflict in the Middle East. I'm by no means an expert in this area, but it seems to me that Israel has gone a little (or a lot) overboard on how they have reacted.

Don't get me wrong...It's not cool to kidnap soldiers. And if you do, you will have to pay a price. But at the same time, Israel is close to starting the mother of all wars and that is not good for the global world. Trust me, if Iran and Syria do anything then it's going to cause America to do something. And that will cause the Europeans to do something, and yes that will not be a good thing.

I hate war, and I hate violence. I know the Bible says "blessed are the peacemakers," and "seek peace and pursue it." I know Jesus was subversive, and he preached a message of love and peace. When the Jews wanted to go to war and overthrow the Romans, Jesus responded by telling them to love their enemy, give their taxes and work hard unto the Lord.

Sure that is simple, and I KNOW I'm reducing a complicated subject into only a few biblical verses. But at the end of the day, I just think Jesus would be so saddened and heart-broken. I'm sure he would condemn those in leadership who abuse their power and I'm sure he would rebuke those who create mischief and desire evil.

And I'm also sure he would be with those who are wounded and hurting; those innocent folks who have lost loved one's, limbs and homes. Or families who are hoping their loved one's, who have been kidnapped, will return home safely and unharmed.

I have a strange feeling that Jesus would not stand by Israel or Hezbollah, instead he would be on the front lines loving and serving those who are impacted by the evil of those in power.

A few other bloggers are taking on this subject. Ryan has a nice string of comments going on his blog and Adam has some interesting thoughts on his blog.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kenzie Turns 4 Today

WOW the big 4, amazing. 4 years ago today we were not sure if she would be born healthy...The docs thought she had spina bifida (sp?)

Needless to say she was fine, which was such a relief. God is good, and she is SOOOOOO cute. (Got her mamma's look, which was an answer to prayer)

Peace & Love

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Necole and I were talking yesterday and she made an interesting statement. She said "once your in ministry, your ruined for life, because no matter what happens, you will always want to do ministry,"

And...She is right. And that really sucks, I guess?

It's hard to go back to normal things in life such as 9-5 jobs, or real estate etc. I think those who are called to ministry have to face the music. It is what it is. Man, its tough. But its true...I'm ruined for life. But I'm OK with that!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh MY Gosh

You have new Picture Mail!
Originally uploaded by Ancientwalk.

That's right, can you see those beautiful 4 words: Z O K A

(ZOKA reigns from the Seattle and they serve some amazing coffee)

Yes, a local coffee shop serves zoka coffee. What a treat...No more starbucks for awhile.

Life is good.

You have new Picture Mail!

You have new Picture Mail!
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B-day aftermath!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friday, July 07, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

You have new Picture Mail!
Originally uploaded by Ancientwalk.
More fun times...

An era is coming to an end

So tomorrow Ken & Brenda leave Texas for Seattle...I'm happy for them, and their family. I'm sad they are going. We will miss them for sure. Although their is good news, I now have an excuse to buy an iSight :)

Anyhow, last night we hung out with a bunch of folks. Good food and good times.
Today we are going to lunch. And somehow we must grab a fat tire and some nice hand rolled tobacco. We shall see.

But, this is it...An end of an era. Bittersweet for sure. But God's will is always good.

Cheers to the Nussbaums. Two of the greatest folks on earth, and Sally a very nice dog. Peace & Love from the Marlow's.

PS-I'm a little tempted to slash the tires on the u-haul...Or better yet, poor some sugar in the gas tank. Or, maybe pay some folks to steal the truck. (I have connections)But I guess I should be a good Christian :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ashdown and Nussbaum

Ashdown latest CD is now available on CD Baby: CD Baby: JASEN ASHDOWN: Be Still My Soul

I just posted a review of the album. It's really good, and I'm not saying that because he is my friend. This CD will add value to your collection. Buy it, don't steal it and support the Ashdown's.

Ken & Brenda are in town. We ate some grub at Cafe Brazil. Man, what could I do to keep these cats in town?

-Ken-We can plant another church?
-Fat tire & cigars?
-Wings & b-ball with the boys?
-Great food...Shopping...Business. (C'mon on Brenda you know ya love it)
-Sally loves Dallas. I know this because she told me.
-We won't have to buy iSights.
-Ashdown is close buy.
-Texas needs some moderate Christ followers to keep it balanced.
-Blue Goose, Brazil, La Madeline, Mi Cocina, BBQ etc...
-Bailey & Mackenzie :) :) :) :) :)
-Lot's of old people for insurance.
-Corey, Chris Larson, Me, Myself & I, Antonio, etc.

PS-Quick message to Ken and Brenda's family. Please don't kill me for this post :)

Peace & Love

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I have three invites to eBible. Let me know if you want one.

Also, Ken & Brenda leave Raleigh tomorrow for Seattle (via Dallas, Denver etc.)Please pray for them.

I'm really digging the new Snow Patrol. Good stuff.

Maybe someday soon I will have something of value to say.

Until then...Peace & Love!