Monday, July 31, 2006

10 Days & Counting

Well well well, we have 10 days till we move to Austin. We are so pumped. For a moment, we thought we might stay in Dallas. But, to be quite frank, we just did not feel peaceful about the DFW area. While we will miss family and friends, we know we are doing the right thing, which is to follow our hearts to a city that we love and want to do life in.

We just spent the weekend in Austin, and we love the city, the vibe and the potential. It's fresh, funky & smaller. Austin was just ranked the 2nd best big city to live in by Money Mag. The economy is doing really well and the housing market is exploding. It's also one of the cheapest big cities to live in with the median home price close to $170, 000. To some extent, Seattle ruined us. We love the creativity of Seattle and we desperately missed it while in the DFW area.

Also, I'm truly amazed that our destination will be Austin. It may be the best city for us; it's outdoorsy, cheap(er), sunny (300 days a year...Rock on), the energy is high and the culture is laid back. The business climate is young and hip. Also, the spiritual climate is very open-minded. From what I understand, Austin leans more left than right if you know what I mean. :) So, it will be fun to engage culture with the gospel and see the amazing grace of God unfold.

Now if we could just get some of our friends to move (Corey & Renee) and, of course, our family.

While in Austin, we went to the Lake and through the rolling hills/canyons. Our kids were like, "hey mom and dad, is this Seattle?" I guess when they think of water they think of Seattle; who can blame them.

We got the apartment that I blogged about a while back. We enrolled Bailey in school, and now we are looking for jobs and daycare for Kenzie.

So please pray for us, like I said; Necole is looking for a job, I'm taking my real estate test in the next few weeks, we have to find a good and affordable daycare for Kenzie, and we will be looking for a home to church to connect and serve.

New numbers are below, we will be emailing our new address soon:

Chris (512) 733-4109
Necole (512) 733-4116

Peace & Love and let the thrill ride begin!

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ForHisRenown said...

have you guys ever thought about getting a nanny for kenzie?