Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crazy Life

Life been a little crazy...Necole and I took a step of faith today and rented some apts...They are nice. Good value and all...But, please say a prayer as we still need to come up with the fund to move in.

Also, pray for Necole, she is doing the job hunting thing. Which can be discouraging. We are at the end of our emotional rope. Bailey starts school soon, and we have to find daycare for Kenzie. So, lot's of decisions coming are way.

Also, Necole turns 30 this Monday. So be sure to give her a call, shoot her an email and all that good stuff.

We hope to celebrate soon. I'll let you know.

Peace & Love from Dallas, were it's like 106 *sigh*


Chad K Miller said...

What's up Chris? I feel for you man, Suzanne and I had a major scare today about our new house. I will post about it later. Take care and know Suzanne and I are praying for you guys, that it will all work out.

iMonk said...

May the doors fling open wide in all the arenas you need.

May the peace of the Lord Jesus go with you, wherever he may send you.

iMonk said...