Monday, July 17, 2006

This is the guy I follow

Most folks I know get a little frustrated with many in the evangelical world. (which includes me)

I have my reasons, for instance: I was in a conversation about tattoos. Necole wants to get one and another person overheard me say that Necole wanted one. (tattoo)

So, like most opinionated right wingers this person spoke up . This person pretty much said that God hates tattoos and that she was pretty sure somewhere in the bible it says tattoos are wrong. My first reactions was....%$%$@@@!!@##%%#. Ok, so I should not repeat it!

Anyhow, why do people try to use the bible to justify things they don't like?

And how do people read the story of Jesus and not see him as a rebel. Someone who broke rules and pissed of the religious institution of his day?

I'm so attracted to Jesus, but I'm so turned off by the right-wing ethos that tends to dominate and control the story of Jesus and the gospel.

I personally think this weakens the church, and causes us Christ-followers to focus on issues that are not prominent to God.

Anyhow, I read the scripture below...And I was reminded of the beauty of Jesus and why I'm willing to learn from His teachings and willing to lay (or at least try) my life down for His cause.

I personally think if Jesus was walking the earth today, we would find him at the local pub or cafe, hanging out with people and loving them. He would be teaching them a new way to live and telling them "truths" that would sting and hurt, and cause them to re-think how they live life and how life works. That is how, I feel, Jesus would love our world.

I think Jesus would be happy to sip a fat tire, laugh, smile, hug, love, teach, and be-friend. But, he would also challenge us. He would never be satisfied or allow us to stay the same; to stop learning, growing and being. I'm sure when he was done with his beverage, he would look us in the eye and say go. Go love, go hug, go pray, go read scripture, go to work and work your hardest, go and serve your enemy and love your neighbor, go and help change the world. And, I bet he would also leave a good tip.?

Peace & Love...Sorry...I have not ranted in a while.

Matthew 11:19
19The Son of Man came, eating and drinking, and people say; Look at him! He eats too much and drinks too much wine, and he is a friend of tax collectors and sinner's.; But wisdom is proved to be right by what it does."


jasen said...

this reaction has everything to do with one city. dallas, tx. can it get any clearer!! come south my doggg!!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Emma was thinking about getted "tatted up" and I actually told her that Jesus didn't approve (just kidding!)

Great to hear you making those relevant points I miss from all those Sundays in Raleigh. Keep it up, bro! -- Scott

iMonk said...

if they want to go back to the law, let them. but let them, at the very least, read the rest of the verse:
"you shall not tatoo your body FOR THE DEAD."
oh, and they'll need to obey the rest of the book and grow out their forelocks, not wear cotton/linen blends and also stay away from those damn shellfish.
and, i personally know that Jesus approves of New Belgium's crafts. he spared two bottles of La Folie (limited edition) when we rolled our car coming back from a trip to boulder. further proof that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. (thanks ben franklin for that wonderful quote)

Chad K Miller said...

I am with you Chris, I guess I almost see it as that I really feel sorry for those who follow that jesus. Their jesus is republican, never uses strong language, gives them the right to be evil to people (regardless of their religion), he urges them to only see beauty in him, and he is someone to be followed as a teacher. Yet somehow, this jesus, needs to meet the Jesus who came to transform our lives and really help bring freedom to people's lives, to forgive sin, to bring the keys to heaven, to be a friend of all people, and to take the time to sit converse and maybe even turn some water into wine for a party. I want to know Jesus, but not their jesus. So the moral of the story is, get a tatoo Necole. I think I might get one of the Leviticus scripture! Just no tears on the face, that is a little to gangsta...

jason said...

dude... thanks... sometimes you just need a reminder... i love you, man... i love Jesus... i am thankful for how he wakes us...