Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ashdown and Nussbaum

Ashdown latest CD is now available on CD Baby: CD Baby: JASEN ASHDOWN: Be Still My Soul

I just posted a review of the album. It's really good, and I'm not saying that because he is my friend. This CD will add value to your collection. Buy it, don't steal it and support the Ashdown's.

Ken & Brenda are in town. We ate some grub at Cafe Brazil. Man, what could I do to keep these cats in town?

-Ken-We can plant another church?
-Fat tire & cigars?
-Wings & b-ball with the boys?
-Great food...Shopping...Business. (C'mon on Brenda you know ya love it)
-Sally loves Dallas. I know this because she told me.
-We won't have to buy iSights.
-Ashdown is close buy.
-Texas needs some moderate Christ followers to keep it balanced.
-Blue Goose, Brazil, La Madeline, Mi Cocina, BBQ etc...
-Bailey & Mackenzie :) :) :) :) :)
-Lot's of old people for insurance.
-Corey, Chris Larson, Me, Myself & I, Antonio, etc.

PS-Quick message to Ken and Brenda's family. Please don't kill me for this post :)

Peace & Love


Carrie said...

I won't kill you...but I will start my own list.
1) closer to my free pound a week of Starbucks
That's it for now. I'm sick and tired. Miss you guys!

tim said...

so you think I will Kill you, huh just becouse I have not live in the same time zone as my brother for over 10 years, that is funny. I am happy you are enjoying your new town.