Monday, July 24, 2006


Yes, Necole turned 30 today...Last night we had a family get together and played a little poker.

Today, we awoke early (thanks to Bailey) and I made some french toast. Then we headed out to see Superman. But, we were told that this Superman showing has close captions. Of course, they told us we could barley see the words and it should not bother us-Wrong!

So we jumped ship and caught Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I thought the movie was ok. It seemed a little slow to start, and way drawn out at the end (or no end).

Now we are back at home for a bit and they we are headed to dinner with the family.

I think Necole is adjusting. 30th b-day is hard, your still young, but you are also old. Major transition for sure.


Jasen and Amanda said...

HAPPY BDAY NECOLE!! (we would post it on your blog but you dont have one...)

miss you guys much and cant wait for you to get to austin so we can hang soon!!

btw - pirates 2 is WAY better than superman - good choice. miss you guys much

Chad K Miller said...

Dude what's going on with the captions, we had the same problem in Columbia, SC. I don't mean to be un p-c, but are there that many deaf people going to movies? Now you have to check if a movie has captions or not. Why couldn't they just have one theater set aside for the deaf movies and rotate them? I just don't get it. Peace man and happy birthday to Necole, welcome to the club