Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Family Musings

Bailey: "Dad, can I get a rabbit?"
Dad: Um, well..."Who is going to clean up the poop?"
Bailey: Eyes roll, "Well, that is gross...Can we get an animal that does not poop."
Dad: Well, "all animals poop."
Bailey: "I got an idea, you (dad) can pick up the poop."
Dad: "What about a cat, they have litter boxes?"

10 minutes later

Kenzie: "Dad I want a little sister, can we get one?"
Dad: "Why do you want a little sister, what about a brother?"
Kenzie: "Well, I want more girls, so we can beat dad up."
Dad: Um, well then..No on the little sister request, that would mean three wedding and of course my early funeral."

Ok, now I'm off the to coffee shop...Being a dad rocks, even if they want me to clean up the poop and beat me up!

Peace & Love

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ForHisRenown said...

i miss those two!!!