Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Is it me, or does the world seem so negative these days? Maybe we have to much access to information. Wars, robberies, poverty, political upheavals etc.

I know the "gospel" is good news, right? Yet, to be frank...It seems like all I personally ever hear about the "good news" is how many people showed up to a Sunday morning gathering. Now maybe that (numbers) is good, and I think they are or could be. But, is that it, Is that the climax? Is the ultimate goal to get a lot of folks to church on Sunday mornings?

Of course, you always have the flip side: people that tend to do nothing but criticize the church, or politics or whatever they are upset about. I mean, I've stopped reading some blogs that do nothing but complain about Bush, or the church. That is so boring! Say something if you want, but also tell stories about God and His goodness and what he is doing to help restore the world and His kingdom. PLEASE!

What does good news look like these days...? When I read the Bible, I can feel the good news...Healing, miracles, a new way of living, forgiveness being poured out, self-esteem being returned, hope renewed etc.

Hey, maybe it's me. I do not want to ignore the issues that our world faces, I personally think we as Christ-followers are called to stand in the crossroads of our generations and point people in the right direction. BUT, I just get so tired of hearing negative news all the time.

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