Sunday, August 06, 2006

Prayer Request

Update: Necole scored a few more job interviews. And she got a second interview (the one that she really wants or should I say the one that we really need)tomorrow in Austin. So, we are off again in the morning. My faith is high and the journey is good.


So we are now 5 days till we move to Austin. I have 6 major needs that I've been praying and fasting for. Of those six, only two has come to pass. *sigh*

So, here are some prayer request that I have.

1. We need the remaining funds to move into our place. ($600)
2. Necole's job. She has one that she really wants. Pray that they choose her (if God willing) and that she starts sooner rather then later. ( I have a part-time gig for now)
3. Daycare for Kenzie.

That is enough for now. It feel good to be able to blog this, knowing that friends from all over the world will be praying for me tomorrow. I think sometimes we have to lay our pride down and ask for help. I'll let you know when the prayers are answered and thanks ahead of time for your prayers.

Peace & Love and my hope is sooooooo high, God is so good.

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Jasen and Amanda said...

we are prayin for you bro