Friday, August 25, 2006

Some Stuff

I hung out with Jim Mueller, who is planting Austin City Church. They have their first gathering Sept 10th. I dig their sanctuary, they made it into an art gallery and they have some really cool paintings available to view. I think this church is going to do real well. Plus Jim studied in Cambridge, so jealous.

Jim also took me to Flipnotics, which is a great cafe with a huge outdoor patio. So cool. Thanks Jim for hanging.

Also, my buddy Jeff Foust called me Tuesday, he was going to be in town and wanted to hang out and grab some drinks. I was like negative on the drinks (they cost money) and then he informed that the drinks are on the firm (he is a lawyer) so I was like sure, I have the whole night free :)

So last night I headed downtown for my first Austin night life experience. Let me just say this, WOW! Downtown was filled with energy, so many people it was crazy. We headed to Flemings, which is a steak house & wine bar. These lawyer boys & girls are crazy, dropping $100 bottles of wine like it's tap water. I sat next to a judge, how fun. Someone asked the judge how he got his job. He relied back, "well I started to tithe, and God blessed me and opened up the door." Let's just say that changed the tone of the room quite a bit :) Of course my buddy boss owns a share in a private jet, has a house in Colorado and the Carribean. He found out I was clergy, we started chatting, he goes to church every Sunday, of course latter that night he headed to the strip clubs. He asked me about being a Christian, I told him I do my best to follow Christ, he relied...Well, I go to church every Sunday, I never miss. I told him a lot people go to church and Sunday, but they do not follow Christ. He asked me what I meant, I told him a true Christ follower follows Christ outside the walls of the church. He was silent, but he still paid for my drinks and food. AMEN!

We are now off to Dallas for the weekend to work and hang with the family, should be fun.

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