Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Are Not Alone!

So the last few days I've had a kinda of mini personal revival. I guess I would call it a time of refreshing. I'm so pumped to be a Christ-follower, to partner with God and use my gifts to help reconcile my generation back to God, so they can understand their role in His story. That is what makes me tick. Man I'm so pumped.

I was praying tonight, I have so many needs (or so it seems) yet I hate when my own prayer life becomes about me. So, I prayed for some others, so I thought I would blog my prayers:

1. I prayed for Hungry and the new church plant in Raleigh. Man, I love Jeff and Gore. These are some great men of God, and God is going to do some real cool stuff with them. Guys, I may be like 1500 miles away, but I with you in spirit.

2. Prayed for Vintage 21. Great church and Tyler is a real cool authentic dude. I think this church will make a huge impact in Raleigh.

3. Prayed for Ken and Brenda. That they would have a smooth transition, and God would bless them and lead them to a new future and with a new community in Seattle. I love and really miss those guys, even Sally!

4. Prayed for Pathways Church in Mill Creek, WA. I think these boys are on to something. How to build a missional church in a suburban context. A real need for sure. Plus, I had a long conversation over IM with John today, needless to say I was getting a little excited, of course I ranted a bit to!!!!!!! (I prayed for theohacks, is that what it's called? It's been so long, I dunno) :)

5. Prayed for the Ashdowns. That God would surround them with an amazing creative community in Houston. And that they would have kids soon. (j/k)

6. Prayed for Ryan Van Sickle and his trip to Africa. Ryan, don't let the burden die!

7. Prayed for my missionary friends who are living out life abroad. Steven in S. Africa and Mark in Budapest. That God would provide for them, protect them and use them to share the beautiful story of Christ Africa and Europe.

8. Prayed for many of the Sacred folk that I love and care for, who are still in Raleigh trying to live missional. Sacred is over, but the impact never dies. (I can tell you story after story that I've heard about in the past few weeks, very refreshing)

I get so excited to hear what God is doing. Man life is short, live hard for God!


john chandler said...

It HeoThacks, I think. Gosh, now I'm not even sure.

Mark said...

Hey bro, thanks for the prayers! We are cheering you guys on big time from Budapest. I also think Hungary needs realtors! :)