Thursday, August 31, 2006

Football is in the air

For the most part, I've lived in cities that are not wild about college sports. Northern Cali and Dallas are not college cities. Now Dallas does have a nice Texas Vs. Texas AM thing going on. But, for the most part, pro sports rule.

Then I moved to Raleigh. Now Raleigh is a great city, I really miss the place. It was the first city I lived in where college sports dominated the culture. Although, this year I'm sure hockey was HUGE.

But I loved it, I love Sept to Mid-March. And I learned something, college sports is so much cooler then pro sports. Now, I've always loved college sports, huge Georgetown fan, (b-ball) and Notre Dame fan in football. But it was always second fiddle to pro sports.

All that to say this, I'm so stoked college football season begins today. Raleigh taught me a lot about college sports, the passion, dedication and commitment that fans and alum have is truly amazing.

So let's get it started, I just hope Notre Dame and Texas do not play each other in the championship game,

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Renee said...

Well, if Notre Dame and Texas do play, then You, Antonio, and Corey can throw a great football watching party!