Sunday, August 27, 2006

Busy Weekend

We finally made it back home from Dallas. Two long days. But fun and worth it. A few interesting things that happened:

Saturday morning we were driving on the freeway in Dallas and we noticed cars quickly stopping in the middle of the freeway...I looked ahead and I saw the 4 lane freeway empty, no movement, no lights or sirens. Then, two other cop cars quickly swooped in and forced traffic off the freeway. All of sudden, I noticed a fire truck on the overpass. Some dude climbed over the overpass fence and was trying to jump and commit suicide. Man that was so sad. How could someone get so desperate that they would climb a fence and jump off a bridge on the freeway?

We hung out with family Saturday night at Blue Goose. Good to see them, and the food was great.

We are no longer Ikea virgins. That's right, for the first time in our lives, we went to Ikea. That place is nuts, I thought we would never get out. We did not spend much cash. (Thank you Jesus) It was a bit surreal walking out of the store, like 30 mini- vans had pulled up to the front so they could load up their stuff.

Although, I was a bit disappointed when I unwrapped our dishes and found out they they were made in Chine. Hmm...Not cool!

We came home tonight with only three family members...Kenzie stayed in Dallas to hang with grandma. So sad. I miss her already.

Time to go...Hope you had a great weekend.

Peace & Love

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