Thursday, August 31, 2006

Films Shot In Austin


Looks like I made someone mad with my love for Austin. (not sure why, of course I'm not sure if people know, but bloggers can read all incoming links and who they are and all that) Of course, this person was a wimp and posted anonymously, ya no guts at all. So, I had to turn comment moderation back on, which is lame. BTW-This is my blog, so if you do not like my comments about the city I live in then delete me from your blogroll-just a thought, you DO NOT HAVE TO READ MY BLOG!

Sorry for the interruption...Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Films Shot In Austin To Be In Theaters Soon.

Austin is becoming a little Hollywood. I think close to 10 films are being shot in here as we speak. Below are a few that will make it to the theatre's soon.

-Infamous-Sandra Bullock
-Texas Chain Saw Massacre:The Beginning
-Fast Food Nation
-The Return
-Grind House-Quentin Tarantino

It will be fun to see these flicks.


Anonymous said...

We get it: Austin is the perfect city.

Chris Marlow said...

There is nothing more lame then an anonymous poster!

Why would you say something that stupid?

And, if for some reason you are my so called friend, then maybe you are not really a friend?

Head Guy said...

Ah! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! I saw the original on the big screen (drive in) back in '75. Now that brings back memories.

Chad said...

I think it's too bad more people don't love where they live. I know Jason feels about Seattle the way you do about Austin, and I feel that same way about my city of Tempe, AZ--home of Arizona State University, which also claims to have the highest enrollment of any university in the country, though far less victories in sports of any kind :)

Chris Marlow said...

hey Chad,

thanks for the comment...not sure why anyone would really care about how much I comment on my city on my blog :)

Actually, I always thought that Ohio State was the largest U. Who knows.

Hope all is well in AZ!