Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogger Beta

In case you have not heard, Blogger Beta is now available. For a tech-slacker like me, It seems they have added some really cool features and it's real simple to use. My one complaint is the lack of creative templates available. Oh well!

Also, cable dude came today, thank God. Although he did try to over charge me, so I spent like an hour on the phone fighting with Time Warner. They originally told me the install was $76, but they wanted me to pay like $130. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So, the dude is done with the install, and he ask for my check of $130. I'm like no way dude, call your people and let's talk...So he did, and they (TW) told me I needed to pay the full amount and a supervisor will call me in two hours to hammer out the details and see if they over charged me. Even though I had in writing and the customer service rep's name in front of me, that I was to pay $76. So, I told the dude to unhook everything and I will find another provider. He was not happy (although he told me this always happens) but hey, I can't afford to give away 40 bones...He then called his people back and somehow they decided that they should charge me was they originally told me :)

Customer service seems so lame anymore, I told the "supervisor power-hungry lady" that they should send an email confirmation so this crap does not happen. She told me that was a good idea and she would pass it on. I mean, is that really that innovative? Nope, I wish I was that good!

Ok, but now the net is on, cable is on, the red sox are playing the yanks and PGA championship is in full swing and I can get on the net from the comfort of my own home. Good day for sure!

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iMonk said...

may God protect you from rats.