Saturday, August 05, 2006

Life-Or The Lack Thereof

Necole and I have had multiple conversations about our crazy journey that we have endured and embraced over the past four months. One thing is for sure when you go through times like we have, you tend to ask a lot more question. To be truthful, it seems like it's easier to focus on God and to process life when you are in desperate situations. I keep asking a few key questions; like hearing God's voice, or knowing God's will.

I guess you could say that Necole and I know a lot more about ourselves now than we did 4 months ago. Here are some observations:

We love simplicity
. Life is so complicated and stress levels run high. But I think the church must be a voice of simple living.

Status Quo oh no-We are truly not interested in status quo living. It's so boring and mundane. (Although sometimes necessary) Our goal is not to get good jobs, have a few kids, buy a home and attend 27 soccer games per week. By no means is this wrong, but it's just not us. God just did not design us to be this way. Ed Young Jr. has some good things in his book Kid CEO. So many parents design their lives COMPLETELY around their kids. Is that healthy? I think not.

Community-For the most part, we have very complicated family situations. I think this is the biggest reason why we desire community. Community means more to us than money, success, title, or even being right. I love community, especially diverse community, community where people disagree and live messy lives, but a community where love is true and acceptance is not optional.

Missional Living-Nothing really matters to us outside of being missional followers of Jesus.

Adventure-Necole and I often wonder why parents assume when they have kids they have to stop "living." Now, there is a season where Neocle and I would rather have stayed at home. Like when Kenzie was a baby and Bailey was a toddler. Remember, my first point was simplicity. :) Life is not simple with a baby and toddler.

Anyhow, we dream of doing so much; like traveling, exploring, educating, understanding other cultures, dealing with poverty, helping our global brothers and sisters in Christ. I dream about hanging with Mark in Budapest, or Steven in South Africa. I want to help, bring hope and feel like I'm living a life based on eternity and I'm not going to regret my life when I'm 60.

Why I'm I saying all this? When you go through tough times, times when It seems like the voice of God is silent, your decision making is flawed and life is not going the way you want. It is in these times that you find your values, what makes you tick, and what keeps you up at night. I know myself now more then I did 4 months ago. I know what I want to do with my life, I know I want to live a life of no regrets, a life of adventure and I life that is based on mission. I want to live life, follow Jesus, love my family and be a "friend that is closer than a brother." I do not want to live in safety or the mundane.

Life is meant to be lived to the full. And that is why I love living.


ForHisRenown said...

thanks pastor chris!

i can not wait to hang out with you guys again. :-)

Chad K Miller said...

Insightful words, I so agree with everything you wrote. We too have been on a journey, but ours has not taken us as far distance wise, but ours has been more a journey of our motives and God's desires, and seeing how those all collide. Ultimately, we are all traveling down the same road, just a few teaks in the story. God is always preparing people to be impacted through us by Him, and that is humbling/exciting. Take care my friend and keep living the simple life, not the Paris/Nicole one, though I laughed my butt off at that show. Sorry, never can miss a little pop culture junk!

Steven Nicholson said...

I relate... and dream of you hanging out with us in South Africa too! :)