Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Thoughts

We head to Austin tomorrow, sweet!

Can't wait for Fall, I hate the month of August. My least favorite month of the year. And Fall, Winter & Spring in Austin is great, Summer, not so.

We really need some rain, bad.

Red Sox are driving me nuts right now. How we get swept by the FREAKING Royals?

Football season is soon, how cool is that? Go Raiders. Maybe, just maybe we will be 8-8 this year. I just hope the Broncos suck. I mean, did they not draft Clarett?

I hope Notre Dame wins it all, but I think their schedule is to tough.

Off to bed...Peace & Love


jasen said...

if you move to houston you could have rain everyday!

go bucs!

ForHisRenown said...

wish i could say that. soon enough.... :-)