Friday, August 25, 2006

blogger is a pain in the ass

So a few days ago I see this nice new blue box in my blogger dashboard. It tells me that I've been chosen to migrate my blog to blogger beta. I'm pumped, and in a moment of stupidity I do it. (Usually I wait for bugs to be worked out before I do stuff like this)

Well, my blog crashes, I'm locked out of my dashboard and I get this lame page for the past four days telling me that my blog is being moved. Maybe you have seen that page?

I email blogger, jump on the blogger help boards etc. Well, nothing. Nope, blogger did not reply to my email. A blogger employee did respond to my post in the help boards after a few days of me whining and screaming like a little puppy dog that just got attacked by a pit bull.

So today I tried to login and see if my blog was working. Yep, it is...kinda. My blog is working with the old blogger platform, but not new beta. So what gives blogger? You cats really screwed this up big time. Hopefully google will not be the next microsoft. To big to be any real use.

Now to be fair, I like a lot of the new tools that beta has. So I'm not giving up yet. Although I did create a wordpress blog just in case I jump ship.

I will keep you updated, and my advice...Do not migrate your blog for a while.

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