Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Speak Up Now

What is your opinion?

The last few months we have lived on the east coast, west coast and mid-America. Each location has it's good points and bad points for sure. One things that is frustrating is trying to locate your favorite fast food joints, because the cool ones are regional.

So I was asking Ashdown if he preferred Bojangles or In-N-Out Burger. I will let J speak for himself.

So the questions is this, what is your favorite fast food joint? Leave a comment.


jasen said...


Steven Nicholson said...

Nandos. What's that? You've never heard of Nandos? Then you need to get on down to South Africa. :)

Mike DeVries said...

Yeah, between those two, I can see which he would pick... but did you ask him about Wahoo's? Ah, yes... then the answer might change significantly!

Chad K Miller said...

Here in Raleigh, I think Cookout is one of the cheapest, fastest places. 4 bucks for a meal with a drink forgetaboutit.