Monday, June 12, 2006


Necole and I are off to Austin this morning. The kids are staying with the family, so we are looking forward to being productive. I found out my buddy Kevin (aka K-dub) and his wife Jodie and their two kids now live in Austin. So that is cool. Also, one of my best child-hood friends is moving to Austin from Cali in a month or two.

We are hoping not to like Austin. It would be easier to live in the same city as our family. We found some really cool spots in Dallas. A lot more urban then I remember, so that is good.

Went to a church (not to be named) yesterday...It sucked. The worship sucked, the speaker sucked, I mean it just sucked. Yes, 3500 folks (mostly young & hip) attend this sucky church. Ok, now to be fair, the Lead Pastor was out of town. I think every time I go to a church, the Lead Pastor is gone, lame.

Ok, actually, the church does not suck, I just did not connect with it.

It's time, the mini van is fired up and ready for another road trip...That van rocks! Please Lord, I hope I do not like Austin :)

Peace & Love


Chad K Miller said...

Hey Chris,

Sorry I missed your call, we can connect soon! See ya man!

jason said...

woo hoo!!!

I really wish you would try being more honest... hahah

much love dog...


ForHisRenown said...

i for one hope you do like austin. ;-)