Thursday, June 08, 2006

Very Random Thoughts On Church Planting

Peace, that is finally what Necole and I feel. After 6 months of wondering and hoping and changing...We now feel hope. And that feels good.

Now, we are debating between Dallas & Austin. Oh where shall we live? Simplicity draws us to Dallas. However, Austin is suppose to be such a great city, it may be to hard to pass up.

Of course, we also have to consider the church planting effect. I would really love to start another church. But, I was wondering what path to take?

I think my dream church would be to start as a small group bible study and see it grow into a huge movement of God. I would also like to have no start up cash. Another words, I would love for it to be organic, not in a house church way, but just in a "beginning of a movement" sort of way.

Also, I would love for us to be a church that puts a lot of cash back into the community...Maybe doing some sort of "acts of kindness" way. Helping the poor, the widows, and all sorts of cool things that I think mean so much to God, but maybe so little to many in the church planting world.

I think I know that I'm not really that motivated to be "all about Sunday's" type of church planter. Honestly, I hate when pastors say their church is all about Sundays. I cringe at that thought. I know they really don't mean that, right?

Anyhow, this post was not suppose to be about church planting...But, for some reason I'm cursed with this passion. God help my poor family.

Peace & Love


Steven Nicholson said...

Been keeping up with your travels... first of all, you're nuts. :) Secondly, Amy and I pray that you land exactly where God wants you.

The curse of church planting seems to be haunting me as well - I've been trying oh so hard not to get too engaged with leadership-type decisions at our church here in South Africa, but keep getting lured in. More than once I've felt the tug to jump in with both feet or to gather a little group and see what happens. Let me be the first to admit that I keep trying to say no - in the hopes that I'm saying no to someone or something other than God. If that little tug is God, well, God help us all. :)

While you're in Texas you should hook up with Duane from Raleigh (The Village) again - didn't you meet him when he was in town once? They're in Denton now.

Chad said...

I feel you on this one Chris. God has blessed/cursed some of us with this church planting passion! I began to feel a tremendous sense of peace when I gave up my idea of the church I wanted to plant in favor of the church the Lord led me to plant. There was some overlap between the two, but some things I just had to let go.

I realized that movements of God come both "big" and "small" (How can we call anything that God does small?) In God's mission to reconcile humanity to himself, I am simply a piece of the puzzle. I need to be content with however "big" of a piece He has made me to be.

God bless, and don't mess with Texas!