Monday, September 11, 2006

The Let Down

I headed to the mailbox today, pretty normal right. I got out my key, placed it in the lock, turned right and swung open the door. Cool, got a couple new mags, paycheck and wait, no wait...Where is it? No Lost, what...OH MY GOSH!!!! How am I gonna tell Necole? Who cares about the mags and paycheck...WE NEED OUR FINAL DVD OF LOST! You know, now we have to wait another day to find out about the hatch, and the raft and the kidnapping of the kid. URGH!!!!!!!!

Blockbuster, how could you...This is why I was so hesitant to switch from Netflix. Yes, I love the four movies passes I get per month, but...Not more then my LOST DVD!

Ya see, here is how it works. I send the movie back which is day 1. (It takes one day to get to the warehouse.) So, the next biz day, blockbuster received my movie and they ship another one out to me, which is day 2. And on day 3, the movie shows up in my mailbox.

But not this time, I hope this is not going to happen on a regular basis. If so, Netflix here I come.

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jasen said...

LOL! lets move to seattle -cool?