Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Musings

Got up this morning and headed to church. Tony was quite depressed over the Texas loss, but he pulled through and spoke a good message. The folks were quite nice, they served hot dogs, snow cones and did some face painting for the kids. (post service of course) Bailey and Kenzie were pumped and they were hoping that church is tomorrow so we could go back. Anyhow, good times for sure.

Then we headed home to chill, I caught some boring NFL football. After Bailey finished her homework we decided to head out to Suzi's Chinese Grill, which is kinda like PF Changs. Of course the locals think it's better then Changs. I'll reserve judgment for later. Suzi (the owner) was there, saying hi, and serving her customers. It always feels good to spend the hard earned dollar on a local business.

Now it's time to get the little ones in bed, fire up the DVD player and finish watching Lost. We have two more discs and we will be done with season one. We need to catch up, so we have to watch the whole 2nd season by next week, which is the season premier.

Peace & Love from Austin

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