Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I need a hotspot account

Ok, I need a hotspot account...But, I'm way to cheap to pay $30 per month. I'm also mad that Barnes & Noble is no longer a hotspot provider, how lame is that? Anyhoo...I was wondering if a few folks would like to "go in" and buy a hotspot account...? It would cost like $10 per month if 3 folks wanted access. We could even make some cash buy allowing friends access our account on a per hour basis :) But that is another story! Or, if you have an account already, I would be willing to pay for some accress. Anyone interested let me know! :) :) :)

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djchuang said...

how about mapping out places in your travels and commutes for free wifi, using indexes like www.wififreespot.com and www.metrofreefi.com