Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Last week I ordered Vonage for my office/home phone. I got to say, the experience has not been pleasant. In one week I've had to call them 6 times...Today, I spent two hours on the phone with them...Anyhow, tonight I came home to actually try and hook up the hardware so I could start using the service. I spent 1 hour on the phone with some tech guy (from another country, I think)...He was clueless, he tried to blame my ISP and told me to call them because he could not get the service to work. I could hardly understand him, which really made the whole process so frustrating. Anyhow, I finally got mad and gave up. I decided to try to "figure" it out on my own. Within 5 minutes, I was able to get the phone working; I was so happy, yet so mad. Anyhow, I think this experience has a great lesson. Communication is important; no matter what the circumstances, if their is a lack of communication, then you can bet that a culture of frustration will be created. Anyhow, I really hope this whole ordeal will be worth it...I will update you in a few weeks.

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