Thursday, November 10, 2005


A very thoughtful blog post on the pain of ministry. It's a little long, but very thoughtful...Lately, I have been so frustrated with the aspect of pastor as CEO, sometime WE pastors are so driven by success (which we will never admit that) that we sometimes forget the reason we got into ministry...Anyhow, I could post a lot more, but I have a meeting with some local folks who may want to start a church here in Raleigh, they want to know what I think about church planting, and is it worth planting a church, being that Sacred did not succeed (that is also a loaded word), my answer to them was YES, plant a church, God knows we need more churches that can raise up leaders and advance the kingdom of God...One key issue, the church plant cannot become and idol...Maybe more on this later? Click below to read the post. � With Regrets, All My Love

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summertime said...

im not a pastor, but think god is calling my dh and i into spiritual facilitating in some future date. we love jesus, each other, and have MAJOR questions about the church and the western christianity. KEEP SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS!!! dont give up-esp. as a pastor, you CANT give up! if you want, check out my blog at maybe you'll see something interesting. i know a lot of men esp. liked blue like jazz-might want to pick up a copy? anyways-shalom on your journey.