Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WOW, this day has been rough

This morning I was driving Bailey to school, as always I had to play Nathan Asher in the Ipod...It's so cool, she knows all the words to one of his songs...Anyhow, I dropped her off at school and I headed to the office, so I was programming my iPod and I was considering what to play...Hmm, Greenday, Amos Lee, Death Cab, Coldplay...Then I saw David Crowder, his old stuff...I decided to listen the DCB, and spend time with God. Which I'm glad I did, because today was a rough one (it's only 3:40PM), I had my first real estate closing...I almost lost the deal at the table...This transaction was suppose to happen over 2 weeks ago...So is was very stressful, from a financial perspective, I really needed this deal...I had no back up plan, we were flat broke...I did not even know if I had enough gas to make it home...So the stress was high...That being said, I did get the deal done...So that is good...I'm trying to relax for a minute..Until I meet my next client this evening...Bill Hybels has a book called "too busy not to pray," and he is so true, we can't allow the busyness of life to steal our shalom, our time with God...I'm not sure I would have made it today without the words of DCB and the presence of God..Sometimes we see prayer as this long drawn out time in which we do our "duty," and it makes us feel better...This morning I learned the importance of prayer, or conversation between me and God while I'm driving 75 MPH on the freeway...Prayer is needed, it's important, it's life giving, it's vital to soul, vital to our emotional state...It's not some rule, or rigid act. It's a real two conversation between me and God, i think I need to have more of those conversations!!!

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