Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Car Problems, White-trash & Jesus

So, in preparation of our long road trip, I took the family van into the shop today. Ken, recommended these boys, so I felt confident that I could trust them. As I was pulling off the freeway, I heard something snap and my van decided to go straight as opposed to turning left. I almost ran into another car, but alas I missed her just barely. I made it to the shop and of course I was fearing the worst. After about 1/2 hour the mechanic came up to me and gave me some good news, he told me my bill would only be a little more then $100. SWEET, he just had to replace a few houses that snapped. He also told me that the fuel leak that would have cost $500 bones, is covered under a recall by Plymouth. So, tomorrow I have to get that fixed.

So, I was getting ready to drive away all happy with a huge smiley face when I noticed my lights (inside & out) were not working. I spoke with the mechanic and we were all perplexed by this new predicament. 3 hours later, they still could not fix the problem. The short story is this, my alarm was triggered and we could not un-alarm the van. The van thought someone was trying to steal it. Yes, that's right, my own alarm was keeping me from driving my fan. (Dang that sucks) Well, after six hours, they finally found a solution and my van is now running fine. I'm so glad I had my Treo 650 and a book to read, because I would have wigged out under any other circumstance.

Also, I learned a lot about Jesus today from a bunch of white-trash, beer drinking, chain-smoking, cussing like sailors mechanics. More on that tomorrow.

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