Monday, March 20, 2006

Cheers to the Nussbaums

This is our final week in the lovely state of NC. Looking forward to moving ahead with our lives, but really sad that we are leaving so many amazing people here in Raleigh.

Last night we had dinner with the Ken & Brenda. This was kind of our last shindig together. We had a blast, great conversation, amazing food lot of alcohol and a tremendous sense of sadness. We've done life together for close to six years. I've learned in life that it's easy to find friends, but rare to find a true community, people that you can do life with. Last night was kinda of awkward, we did not really want to talk about the reality of our upcoming separation. I think it's too hard, we would have cried and hugged and got our clothes all messed up and the girls would have screwed up their make-up and such. On the way home Ken & Brenda gave us a card, Necole was trying to read it on the way home and she couldn't...Breakdown was on the horizon.

The good news is that the Nussbaums will be just north of us, so that is cool. Plus, we get to visit Seattle which is freaking off the hook, so that's a huge plus. I'm choosing to remember the good things at this point, not the bad things; like H"hey Ken , let's roll to the cafe and smoke a cigar." Those days are over, and that is sad, but life goes on and so will our friendships, and that makes me happy. Cheers to the Nussbaums.

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amanda said...

this is just too sad... :-( thank God you all will be living in fabulous vacation spots.