Thursday, March 02, 2006

Post Birthday Thoughts

I'm one day into my 33rd year of existence-FUN!

Yesterday was a great B-day for me. My girls (all 3) took care of me.

The morning got started by me heading out to the cafe to study and prepare for Sunday. Then, I met Necole at Pei Wei for some lunch. Necole confiscated my phone and replaced it with a new Treo 650,
I've been wanting this bad boy for a long time. So, I was on cloud 9, but I wanted to take advantage of a free car wash via Bunky's. Free, is always good. After the car wash I headed over to Helios to hang with Ken, who brought me a sweet box of cigars.
After enjoying the cigar and discussing life with Ken & Brenda, I headed home to hang with the family. Necole grilled some nice Angus stakes and (my all time favorite food) mashed potatoes. We topped off the dinner with a nice glass of Blackstone. Then, my father-in-law hooked me up with 5 more lovely cigars. Which is so so so sweet because my stash was ZERO, which is not healthy at all. After the girls went to bed Necole and I headed out to the $1.50 theater with Ken & Brenda to see "Fun with Dick & Jane." Good movie, lots of laughs. The worst part of my day was the Lakers losing to the lowly Trailblazers. Damn team team ruined what was almost a perfect Birthday. Thanks to everyone who called, emailed and left comments. Also, Gore called me at 11:59PM to wish me a happy birthday. Yes Gore, you made it on time and thanks for the call. Peace & love.

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