Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some Thoughts

I just picked up Brian Mclaren's new book The Secret Message of Jesus : Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything. I DO NOT like the title. But I have a feeling that I will love the book. I'm going to read it on our trip to cali.

I'm hanging at New World Cafe this morning trying to wrap up some business issues and a billion other "small" things before we head off into the sunset. We are tired, but excited. I'm looking forward to hanging with everyone tomorrow night, but I also know its going to be hard to say goodbye. I see the tears now :)

Last but not least, I was told by the great Wahba that we could crash at his place in the desert under one condition. If Duke is playing in the NCAA championship game, we would have to depart the home so Jodi could watch in peace & silence. That's what people would do for me when the Lakers were in the championship games. They would leave the house, or stay in their rooms and hope that the Lakers would win so I would be in a good mood. I'm not sure if I'm a good friend or not to the Wahba's. I'm praying that they stay in the desert (sorry guys) and that Duke losses in the final-four so we can hang out together :) Hmm. Of course, after reading this email, maybe they will decide we should get a hotel and find some new friends :)

Peace & Love

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