Saturday, March 11, 2006

Why The Flip-Flop? Part 1!

The cat is now out-of-the-bag, sorta speak. Maybe your asking why we decided to forgo our move to Seattle and head down to Sacramento. Well, let me do my best to explain:

First of all, Necole and I believe in accountabilty. We have spoken to many friends, family members & other pastors in both the Seattle and Sacramento area. I think it's scary when people make choices without a balnced group of folks who are helping them walk through the process.

So, here are a few reasons that we choose Sac over Seattle:

1. Family & Friends: We have a lot of family and friends in Sac. We desire our girls to be close to their family; to know their aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Basically, they have no clue how much family they have.

Also, this will help Necole and I, we were worried about community in Seattle. How could we connect? In Sac, we will have a natural connection, of course the built-in babysitters will be nice :)

2. Region: Seattle is AMAZING, but there is a huge downside for us sun-lovers, and that is the weather. In Seattle it's cloudy over 200 days per year; partly cloudy over 100 days a year, and it's sunny 70 days per year. Yes, you read that right. If Seattle had better weather the whole world would move there. However, city to city Seattle is a lot better than Sac. I think San Francisco & New York City are the only other cities in the States that are as cool as Seattle.

That being said:

I think Northen California is the best region in America. You have amazing beaches, (Santa Crus, Monterey)great cities (Oakland, San Jose & San Francisco)phenominal mountains (Lake Tahoe and the Sierra's, and of course you have the Wine country (wicked sick) It's an outdoor mecca for sure; hiking, mountaik biking, snow, water sking, sailing, etc...) And of course you have great, great, great weather. In Sac we have the what is know as the Mediterranean climate. Hot summers (no humidity, rock on; it usually runs around 90-97 degrees in the day, but it ALWYAS cools down at night, which is real nice. Like Raleigh, we have great Falls in Sac; cool, sunny, & crisp. Winter is also mild; temperature runs close to 55 in the day and somewhere around freezing at night. And spring is simply amazing. Close to Raleigh, but without the humidity.

So, as you see there, are many reason why we love Northern Califoria. On Monday I hope to share some more thoughts. Peace & Love.

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