Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Friends, Family & Cars

Hung out with Wes & Diana last night. Good times for sure. We will miss those guys and we can't wait till they come hang in No Cal. Time is going fast, this Friday Ken & Brenda are throwing us a going away party. It will be nice to see so many of our friends and get a chance to say goodbye. I have a feeling a few tears will flow?

Also, this morning I was driving Bailey to school, she became sad and I asked her what was wrong. She told me her friend from school was a orphan and she had to family. She had to move and she (Bailey) was sad because she would never see her friend again. :( I was about to cry, sometimes its hard to articulate in a clear way to five year old in regards to life more difficult situation. I sometimes get sad, as I see Bailey growing up & having to deal with the realities of life-the hurt and pain, and death and poverty. It's complicated for sure. Sometimes I want to guard her from these realities, but I know that will not help.

Anyhow, I'm blogging in the waiting room from the Plymouth dealership. Thank God for technology. :)

Peace & Love!

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