Tuesday, November 07, 2006

At Last

...We've finally found a church. It was random (or sovereign), the cool thing is the location-1 mile from our apt. The pastor is cool, he preached his entire message with no notes. (that is not easy) Great organic worship-the presence of God was evident.

The church has been around for close to a year and they've already planted another church. Which is growing like gremlins in water.

This is a multi-generational church, which is nice, lot's of energy and our kids can connect with other kids and Necole and I can connect and build community.

We attended community group last night-Lot's of fun, very real and we enjoyed the interaction.

So Necole and I will lock down and attend and serve. Looking forward to it.

BTW-The church is called Vista Community Church.

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jasen said...

sweet! glad ya finally found a place to worship and connect with