Saturday, November 04, 2006

Do You Like Sex

...Then you may want to check out a few posts from the greatness called the blog world. Now first let me put this in context. Up in the cold lands of Canada, Pastor's Jason & Lori do a tag team week long blog series on sex. I enjoyed the husband and wife dialog, the back and forth conversation, which is a great way to learn.

Then Makeesha jumped on the bandwagon and she had multiple post on the issue as well. Makeesha had on some rather controversial area's that you will find interesting and beneficial.

Also, remember you do not have to agree with everything in order to learn and have conversation.

All three bloggers actually talk about stuff that needs to be said, discussed and thought through. For some reason when we in the church discuss sex it comes with a bit of shame-the silence is frightening to say the least.

I wonder how man marriages would have been saved, or more fulfilling if the church would be willing to speak up and provide some guidance and leadership?

Anyhow, props to these three bloggers for starting the conversation and opening up the door for further dialog. Bold to say the least.

FYI-You will have to search their blogs to find the starting point for the discussion. But it's not to hard.

Enjoy and peace & love from Austin.

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