Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So the elections are over...THANK YOU JESUS! So tired of hearing all these lame commercials that do nothing but degrade other people. Anyhow, the Dem's will now take over the House and the Senate is still up in the air, so here are my thoughts:

- No matter the outcome, God is in control, and that is a good thing!
- Jesus was neither a Republican or Democrat, so for those who are Christian, and maybe you think "we" lost, that is not the case.
- I think the church needs to start worrying more about herself, than Government.
- Maybe...Just maybe, the Dem's will bring value and balance to the Prez???
- IMHO, Change is a good thing-I think we need change, a fresh voice and perspective.
- Also, I think the changes that are taking place in the political landscape will cause a greater level of accountability. Which is needed and good!

Honestly, I think the church has to see the issues that we face as a nation and world and respond in a way that is Kingdom oriented. We've got to stop assuming that if we elect the right people in office, then change will take place.

Thinking out loud here, but maybe the greatest problem with the world is not politicians, evil, religion, etc...

Maybe the problems that the world faces is caused by a weak church, a church that has forgot it's priorities and mission. I'm not necessarily talking about the institutional church, but what I'm really talking about is me, and maybe you.

Because it's our job to live out God's mission in our world. And if every Christian saw themselves in this light, the world will be a much better place. And this is why I love the church, because I see the potential; the hope that we can bring to the world, the love that can cause forgiveness and healing, the resources that can eradicate poverty and disease, the message that can mend families and relationships, the wealth that can be distributed and shared.

The world will only become better...When every Christ-follower steps up to the plate and begins to live out their faith everyday. We have to be fed up with the evil that exists, fed up with the poverty that runs rampant, fed up with consumerism that has become a national tragedy, fed up with our nationalistic views of the Christian story, as if others who do not live in our "borders" our not apart of our family or mission.

Another words...I need to look in the mirror today, and everyday and pray that God will help me stay on mission. The reason the world has so many issues is because of Christians like me, who have yet to truly live for Jesus in the way that Jesus called me to live!!!

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