Thursday, November 02, 2006


I just got off the phone with Steve Saccone who is the director/leader of Mosaic Alliance. Great conversation. I've been searching for some like-minded folks that I can partner with. I personally believe that the right partnerships can catapult a church (or any organization) and the wrong partnership can slow-down or even cause death in a church. (or any organization) Partnerships helps create the ethos of the organization. Good ethos = good organization, bad ethos = bad organization. I must partner with the right people who will help me achieve my God-given dreams.

So, I'm hoping to connect with partners that will stretch me and help me grow as a leader. But the partnership must understand the mission and help me stay on track. One of my biggest frustrations in life has been my lack of focus. I'm determined to stay on mission, and stay focused on the dreams that God has birthed in my heart.

Anyhow, I say all that to say this:

I've been invited to attend ethos in New York City (At Columbia). Mosaic Alliance is going to help off-set some of the cost. But I still need to cover my plane ticket and day-to-day expenses. So, if anyone out there would be willing to help...Please let me know. Also, please pray for me, this would be a huge opportunity.

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