Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Lost Message of Jesus

I've finally found a book worth reading, thank God. I was beginning to lose hope, as the last few books that I picked up have been less then thrilling. Anyhow, below are a few thoughts:

As one young women put it, "I just can't bridge the gap between reality of my life and the message that my pastor and church elders teach. I want to should out that the emperor is wearing no clothes. And yet, even though I sense that there are many more people like me, there seems to be a conspiracy of silence that no one is willing to break,"

"My aim I the chapters that follow is to demonstrate that the core of Jesus' life transforming, though often deeply misunderstood, message is this: The Kingdom, the in-breaking shalom of God, is available now to everyone through me."

Back to the book....


Chad K Miller said...

I halfed.com that book and maybe it could be our first one?

john chandler said...

Enjoy...that is a great book. I just used a quote from it in a teaching this past weekend.