Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mute Math

Well, last night was a blast...Tre bought me tickets to see Mute Math, so we headed over to Cat's Cradle. We met up with Ken & Brenda and we also ran into Alan and Gore. The show was amazing. Hopefully Ken will stop working 65 hours a week and find some time to post his thoughts on the show,(of course, I think he is going back to Cat's Cradle tonight to see some other random band) since he will be able to do what I can't: communicate music in a way that will make sense to readers.

Here is what I can say, Mute Math played their heart out, they left everything on the stage...They gave an A effort. It was very inspiring. When I lived in Seattle, we would go to concerts and the crowd was INSANE. It was crazy, the crowds here in Carolina seem to be real mellow. Which, Is more "me!" But, If I'm on stage, I think I would prefer a different vibe. Energy is always good, right?

Also, the opening act was a band from KC called Vedera. They were good, and Tre fell in love with the lead singer. I think if she asked him t o be a rodie, he would have left town last night with no questions asked. He was "star" struck for sure.

Anyhow, I would encourage everyone to check these boys out if you get a chance. And their new CD is now available. Sweet!

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