Thursday, February 23, 2006

Podcating.The Gym & God

I love win-win situations...It's one of my "life values" that I follow. It does not matter what scenario I'm in, business, church, relationships etc. I want to build a win-win culture. It blesses me, and those who I interact with.

Here is a win-win culture that I've been able to create...See, I have become more spiritual by becoming more healthy and working out. Each day at the gym, I'm able to multi task...When I workout, I listen to a message via my iPod. It feels so good, I get to focus on God (instead of the time on the treadmill) and allow great communicators to speak in my life. Today, I listened to Mark Batterson teach on being Wired For Worship. His message is still dwelling in my Spirit. Yesterday, I listened to Erwin Mcmanus teach on truly living, and last week I was able to catch Mark Driscoll message on leadership & church planting. Tomorrow, I've already got Rob Bell ready to go. How cool is that, 3 messages in less then a week. Thank God for leaders who are podcasting. It's another great tool to utilize in our fast paced world. It's another way to slow down, while we are speeding up. It's a way to connect with God, and still stay connected to the realities of our culture, we are busy, we are on the go, and that is not going to change. But, we can create win-win situations. Like listing to sermons on the gym. I bet Steve Jobs had no clue what type of spiritual impact he was going to create when he released the iPod...Peace & love!

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