Sunday, October 15, 2006

Busy Weekend

Jasen & Amanda came down (or over) to Austin Friday (along with their friend Nikki from LA) to hang for a few days. We headed downtown for an evening of fun, food, and music.

Our first stop was Hula Hut for some yummy food. Hula Hut is cool, located right off the Colorado River. Great vibe and good food at a reasonable price. After filling our stomachs we decided to walk next door to hang at
Mozart's Coffee Roasters, this is a really cool coffee shop. I can spend hours hanging at this place. So peaceful!

After some good food and coffee, we headed down to Emo's to hear Damien Jurado & Rosie Thomas. Of course the show started at 10PM, yikes. Rosie was great, Damien was drunk and the opening band was about as good as a bag of spinach laced with e coli.

As for 6th Street. WOW, what can I say, freaking amazing. It's so packed, the city has to close the streets. It was Mardi Gras Austin style. Unbelievable.

Of course my old age begin to kick in and I forgot what it was like to be awake at 2 freaking AM. Anyhow fun times for sure. But man was I happy to get home and sleep.

Day 2 a little later :)

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