Friday, October 27, 2006

I Love Austin

So, I'm sitting in Seattle's Best Coffee in our apt complex. Biker dude rolls up in a fat Harley. I used to hate Harley's, now I love them. (why do I hate Harley's you ask, because my dad was a biker, my dad was a rough dude, feared by most in our city. I never liked that very much, or his gangster friends)

OK, back to the story-So dude walks in, looking biker tough and all. He takes off his cowboy hat, unpacks his bag and orders a cup of joe.

In his bag was a fat powerbook, blue tooth mouse, iPod, and an iSight. Of course he also had a razr phone.

He them rolls up to the counter an asks for a Americano and a pastry. Who knew? Simply nuts.

Of course it gets better...Dude gets a phone call on his slick razr. Must be the wife or daughter. He looked confused, then he ask "is the cat going to be OK?" The dude was really concerned and all.

I was trying not to stare (Nobody EVER stared at my dad, if they did it was not a good thing, since he always carried his 357 with him.)

But I guess the reality is this- you can't judge a book by it's cover, man I love Austin!

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