Friday, October 06, 2006

For My NC Peeps

When I moved to NC we established a beautiful community of friends. Most of these "friends" were HUGE NC State fans. After a few heart-breaking losses in football and basketball, I begin to wonder if they would ever win. My friends begin to wonder if I should stop watching. Because when I watched, NC State seemed to lose.

So, last night I begin to watch the game. It was a really good college football game. Of course I was rooting for NC State. But I thought once again, maybe I was a curse when they could not get the touchdown on the 4th & 1, and Florida St romped 99 yards to score.

Then NC St begin to make a comeback. But, I had to go and I could not finish the game. I awoke this morning, and lo and behold, NC State won. Was I the curse, did I break the curse? I dunno, but at the end of the day, they won. So congrats to NC State and to my peeps in Raleigh. I love and miss all of you!

Peace & Love from Austin!


ncmunchkin said...

Ah ha! That had to be it. In all seriousness it was an excellent game and I'm pretty sure we've found a QB for the season.

Hope Austin is treating you all well.

Michael said...


Well, I for one thank you for stopping watching! ;-)

I was there...and it was an awesome game.