Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday we got up and headed to Austin Java for some yummy breakfast tacos. After hanging in Austin for a bit, we drove over to Houston. Ashdown was opening for Spur58. Jasen did awesome and Spur 58 was really good. Then Necole and I headed back to Austin. Man, when you get older, night driving sucks.

This morning, or should I say afternoon we headed over to Gateway Church's 12:30 gathering. Gateway's building is amazing, very artsy and creative, the coolest church building that I've ever been to.

Anyhow, after church we headed to Waco to pick up the girls and grub on some Rudy's BBQ. Fun weekend, now I need some rest :)

1 comment:

jasen said...

glad ya made it back safe. thanks for makin the trek.