Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hello World

Sorry for the silence, call me a blog-slacker if you want. Anyhow, things are going pretty well in Seattle. We are truly loving the city and the weather has been great.

Looks like I'm going to be working for Keller Williams in downtown Bellevue. They have a nice office. Necole and I love the business activity. We can walk to multiple cafes, movie theatre's, shops, breweries, restaurants, and of course my gym is across the street. So that is cool.

Wanted to say happy b-day to Amanda, Kezia & Diana. Hope you special days went well. Now your older...Like me...Rock on!

Last but not least, congrats to Jeff and the birth of Abigail. I think we bloggers should unite and send Jeff some coffee, since he will not be getting much sleep for awhile :)

Back to work. Must sell home quickly...Or else, I will lose weight...Not by choice.


Head Guy said...

Hey Chris,
We are over in Victoria right now and staying in a quaint hotel right down town. The shop right next door is a cigar store, advertizing cubans. Made me think of you.
Glad you are settling in. Hoe that first sale comes quickly.

Mugshot said...

Hey Mr Marlow....Im a Marlow too, Guy Marlow is the name, come and see me at


Not everyday you bump into a fellow Marlow...pleased to meet you

jeff said...

thanks for the shout out Chris... she's a little confused on what is day and what is night right now. should have that worked out in a week or so. glad to hear you guys are doing well, i'm jealous that you get to live in seattle...